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What makes a classic an investment? This is a question that is being asked numerous times in the current market. Condition, history, provenance are just a handful of factors being put forward as the key contributors to the strong values we have and will continue to see. However, it is in fact availability and scarcity that remain the key to a classic car being a sound investment, both in the short but especially the long term.

Aston Hill Classics are in the unique position of having a portfolio of cars like no other; gathering some of the most exclusive and special vehicles throughout the years. There is simply no car that we cannot either find or supply; with a strong focus on the Aston Martin brand offering the finest examples.

We have invested for a number of years not only in the cars themselves, but also the very best restoration projects to offer vehicles that are ahead of the market. The expertise that we have amassed throughout this process of knowing and analysing market trends, allows us to provide not only the very best sales experience, but first hand advice when it comes to ownership and restoration services.

Primarily based in London, but operating internationally, our team has several decades of experience in the classic and luxury car market, not only through creating the collection at Aston Hill, but in some of the most renowned dealerships. To this end, not only is this a unique enterprise in that we are offering cars not yet seen on the market, but we are in a position where our personal portfolio will only continue to grow along with that of our clients’.